My stiletto making class (6/21 - 6/23 2019)

Loved my first mule making class last year and had to go for another class at Brooklyn Shoe Space. Truth be told I had really wanted to attend the six day intensive shoe making class on the weekends but classes were cancelled twice due to lack of enrolment. I really did not want to wait any longer so decided to take up the three day stiletto class instead. I am really glad that I attended this class because it costs half the price of the other class and I felt like I learnt as much as I needed to learn for me to join as member and start working on prototypes for my own footwear line.

One small step towards my next goal in life.

Check out pictures below to see how a pair of stilettos is actually made from scratch.

The first step is to carefully tape masking tape over your shoe last. This step is important for developing your pattern.

Shoe last completely covered on the sides with masking tape. You only need to do for one last as the same pattern can be sued for the other foot. 

Need another masking tape to mark the center of the last.

ne small step towards my next goal in life. 

Use a pencil to draw a line around the sole

See the pencil mark? That marks the contour of your pattern

Mark the center between the front of the last and repeat the same steps for the other side of the last

Designing my pattern and cutting it out
Putting the pattern on paper and giving some allowance on the edge
My shoe upper pattern is cut!

My inner lining in red
Adding a strip at the back of my stiletto as a loop for my ankle strap
After gluing the inner lining with the upper leather we are ready to shape the leather on the last!

Hammer the sole with nails first
Nailing the inner leather first - look scary and it is a long tedious process trying to stretch the leather in place. This process is super important to make sure that the shape of the shoe is perfect

Adding the toe puffs and counter puffs to keep the shape of the shoes before nailing the upper leather 

Adding cork pieces in between to level the bottom
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The almost finished product. Next time is to glue the black sole and add heels
Wrapping my plastic sole with black velvet and gluing the heels to my shoes

Heel added to the stiletto! Almost there! Need to add insole lining and my ankle strap

The finished product

Loving it and rocking in my new black leopard print stilettos!