The story behind the LPH Mules

September 16 2020 was the most devastating day in the last 38 years of my life. My beloved father passed away in Singapore. 

When I finished making this golden mules of mine last week, I wanted dedicate it to my father and decided to name it the LPH mules because they are my father's initials. Instead of the usual brand labels that every other footwear has I decided that my brand will carry empowering messages instead and so this pair says "BELIEVE YOU CAN". This pair of mules will serve as a reminder to me on the reasons why I do what I do everyday. It reminds me of my father's tenacity and perseverance to never give up no matter what. 

My father's passing made me realize that life is really short. We will never really know when our last day on earth will be. I never really have regrets in life, but now one of my biggest regrets is to not start my own footwear business earlier. I procrastinated on starting this project and had always assumed that if this business took off my parents will be there together to enjoy the financial fruits of my labor. I want to make my dad proud of me and I was hoping that the success of my business will justify why I left Singapore in the first place. His passing has made me very determined to take this project seriously. I do not want to waste any more years separated from my mother and family. I want to build this business and make it a success so that I can be financially free and independent to travel back and forth between Singapore and New York and spend more time with my mother before it is too late. 

Daddy - I love you more than you ever know and I am very proud that to have a dad like you. In my to-do book for 2021 I have this message stamped at the back of my book "I still tell you things in our imaginary conversations because you will always be in my heart." We will always be father and daughter and I know I will see you again. 


  1. dear friend.. Thank you for sharing your most inner thoughts...While only you can understand the pain that you are going through right now, we will always be here walking beside you quietly. I'm glad and proud that you have decided to transform this despair into hope to start your shoes business. Ikeda Sensei set this year SGI theme as "Year of Hope and Victory". I'm sure through your example, you can inspired hope into many others who are also experiencing hardship during this tumultuous time of Covid.


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